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The Problem with Super White Quartzite

  With the expansion of the global stone market, the metro DC consumer has greatly benefited from increased selection. Stone countertops and tiles from all over the world are available. There is one downside. Sometimes stones are mislabeled and customers are unhappy after installation. The most common occurrence is with a stone called Super White. […]


Cement Tile Stain Removal, Cleaning, Restoration and Polishing

Virginia Stone Restoration worked on a great concrete tile restoration project recently in NW DC. The owner had major staining issues, despite the tiles being sealed. The company recommended applying a urethane coating over the top of these caustic cement tiles from Villa Lagoon Tile. While urethane is a great coating over flat surfaces, I […]


Grinding, Honing, & Polishing

Every profession uses common terminology. Stone restoration is no different. For floor work here are the three most common terms you will hear:   Grinding – This process is most common in Europe, where the installation process for natural stone floors is a bit different. As the natural stone tile is installed, the grout is […]