If you have natural stone countertops we can restore them. Many homeowners have these common issues: dulling, etching, scratches, chips, or divots in their natural stone. If your stone countertops are in the kitchen, master bath, or basement bar we can help them look their best.

Stones we restore includes: marble, granite, quartzite, slate, onyx and travertine. We can also assist you with man made stones, like quartzite. There are many manufacturers, and we have successfully worked with Caesarstone, Silestone, Icestone, and Cambria.

Italian marble, white carrarra, italy marble,

For etching, dullness or scratches here is the typical process:

  • Protect

    Apply protective plastic around countertops and floors to prevent splattering and make clean up easier.

  • Patch

    Patch any cracks or chips in the stone.

  • Hone

    Begin honing process. Honing is similar to sandpaper on wood. We use diamond impregnated pads to remove any scratches. Typically we remove about 1/64th of an inch of material.

  • Polish

    Once the stone is honed to an appropriately high grit we polish the stone. Through the application of pressure and heat a shiny layer will appear on top of the stone.

  • Seal

    Seal with the appropriate sealer. This helps prevent stains from ruining the countertops.

For chips or divots in the stone, there are several options depending on the severity of the problem. Please give us a call at 571-488-1892 to discuss.