Types of Floor Cleaners

It is important to know what types of tiles you have before choosing a tile and grout cleaning product.  Ceramic and porcelain tiles will not be damaged by any type of alkaline, acidic or pH neutral cleaners that are designed for cleaning tile, grout and stone. When cleaning stone tiles and grout only specific types of cleaners can be used that will not dull, damage or etch the finish of the natural stone tiles.

When cleaning tile, grout and stone it is important to only use cleaning product specifically designed for cleaning tile, grout and stone.  Tile, grout and stone specific cleaners are designed specifically to be effective at cleaning tile and grout while still being easily rinsed up and removed. It is also important to not use any type of vinegar, bleach, dish washing detergent or other normal household cleaning products when cleaning tile and grout.

Viscous cleaners like dish washing detergent are extremely difficult to rinse up and remove from tile and grout surfaces.  Household cleaners can be caustic to certain types of tiles and they were never specifically designed for cleaning tile grout and stone. Household cleaners can also leave a soapy residue on the tiles and grout that can attract dirt and accumulate on the surface. This dirty soapy residue can be difficult to remove and may require a professional tile, grout and stone cleaning and restoration professional to remove this soapy residue.

Tile and grout cleaning cleaning products are divided into three (3) distinct categories: Alkaline, Acidic and PH Neutral.

  1. Alkaline based cleaning products are aggressive alkaline based cleaners with a high pH value of typically pH 12 or above.
  2. Acidic based tile and grout cleaners are extremely effective at cleaning grout.
  3. PH neutral cleaners are the most gentle type of cleaning product used for cleaning tile and grout.


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