Cement Tile Stain Removal, Cleaning, Restoration and Polishing


Virginia Stone Restoration worked on a great concrete tile restoration project recently in NW DC. The owner had major staining issues, despite the tiles being sealed. The company recommended applying a urethane coating over the top of these caustic cement tiles from Villa Lagoon Tile. While urethane is a great coating over flat surfaces, I was concerned how it would lay on top of the grout lines and the minor lippage (lippage is the difference in height between tiles.) Based on previous experience, I recommended using a concrete sealing system from AmeriPolish. They have fantastic products and customer support.

Here is what the floor looked like before:

Caustic Cement Tile, Etching, Restoration

Etching Stain on Caustic Cement Tile

Oil Stain, Caustic Cement Tile, Restoration

Oil Stain on Caustic Cement Tile

First, the owner wanted the stains removed. Unfortunately, these cement tiles were extremely porous. For the first time, applying our standard poultice only made the stains worse. We would simply try and cut or hone the stains off with diamond impregnated pads. These pads are like sandpaper for stone. There are more aggressive and less aggressive choices to use depending on the situation.


As you can see from the pictures, this unique install also required plenty of masking to protect the hardwood. This house was recently remodeled, and we wanted to protect the fine detail work of the interlocking tile and wood. 

interlocking tile and wood floor, caustic cement tile, restoration

Detailed taping and masking was necessary to protect this interlocking tile and wood floor

On the first day we completed the most aggressive cut, then let the concrete dry overnight. Fortunately, this removed all but one stain. On the second day, we applied a densifier to help with the sealing. This acts like a first layer below the surface, while the sealer acts like a second layer right below the top of the surface. After letting it dry, we completed the second cut. Followed by the third cut, and letting the floor dry overnight. Then we applied the first coat of sealer, and removed the excess with a floor machine. Finally, we added a second coat of sealer, and again removed the excess with a floor machine.


The result was a floor with considerably more shine than before. It was also much more stain resistant. As you can see from this picture, the floor now repels water.

Caustic Cement Tile, Restoration, Sealing Cement Tile

The polished and sealed caustic cement tile now repels water

Overall, the results in the pictures speak for themselves. This beautiful and unique install is now protected from staining. Here are some split before and after pictures: 

Caustic Cement Tile Polishing, before and after, cement tile restoration, polishing Caustic Cement Tile before and after, polishing cement tile, sealing cement tile


Here are end result pictures:

Polished Caustic Cement Tile, Sealed Caustic Cement Tile, DC Cement Tile Polishing

Caustic Cement Tile Polished, Caustic Cement Tile Sealed, Concrete Polishing DC


If you have any cement tiles, and would like to learn more about our restoration and sealing process, please call us at 571-488-1892. We service Fairfax County, Arlington, Alexandria, Washington, DC and parts of Maryland.