Super White, Marble, Quartzite, mislabeled

The Problem with Super White Quartzite

Super White, Marble, Quartzite, mislabeled

Super White – Usually labeled as quartzite, actually a marble – found in a recently remodeled kitchen in Great Falls


With the expansion of the global stone market, the metro DC consumer has greatly benefited from increased selection. Stone countertops and tiles from all over the world are available. There is one downside. Sometimes stones are mislabeled and customers are unhappy after installation. The most common occurrence is with a stone called Super White. It is available for countertops, looks great, and is almost always mislabeled.

Usually, Super White is labeled improperly as a quartzite. This is not the only stone that suffers from this issue. If you are thinking of buying quartzite, please read The Definitive Guide to Quartzite, by Karin Kirk. Also, the industry website Use Natural Stone has great information.

Unfortunately, I’ve met too many consumers claiming to have quartzite, but unfortunately they purchased a marble. While marble is great, it is prone to etching. Quartzite does not etch, because there is no calcium carbonate to etch. Here is Karin Kirk’s take on Super White:

What about Super White? Super White is one of the stones that is frequently caught in the quartzite vs. marble mystery. Most commonly, Super White is dolomitic marble. That means it won’t scratch glass and it will etch with acids. Some Super White has minor amounts of quartz mixed in with the marble. But the rock is still marble and will act like marble. When doing the glass test with Super White, be sure to test a few different areas to get a sense for the overall rock. Is it all the same? Or are there some parts that are harder or softer?

The white kitchen trend has made this worse for homeowners in the DC area. If you purchased Super White quartzite, or are thinking about purchasing quartzite, give us a call. We can talk through it quickly and even go to the slab warehouse to inspect it.

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